A.M. Singer
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Subscriptions to fundamental analysis are available, there is no other way to understand crypto.

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Crypto doesn’t have to sting. Swim with the whales.

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I monitor the whales so you can profit.

Crypto Financial Analysis consists of 2 concepts:

Creation Cost - The amount it costs to create a coin. It represents the fundamental buy support.

Cash Flow - The amount of investment needed to sustain the price of a coin. It represents the sell pressure that pulls the price down.

The whales are the largest participants in crypto. They represent the invested baseline value of crypto.

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I publish weekly reports and research.

My weekly reports cover the complete revenue, profit and expenses of miners that control the supply of crypto.

My research is investigative and covers the true financial reality of macro events on the prices of cryptocurrencies.

My research and analysis is constantly expanding and developing.

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